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Book Review: Only Human

Only Human was one of my most highly-anticipated novels of 2018. I found both Sleeping Giants and Waking Gods to be captivating, and I had high hopes that Neuvel would finish the trilogy in style. Final verdict? Mixed, but positive overall.

Book Review: Embers of War

After a good experience with the Imperial Radch trilogy, I'm an easy sell for sentient spaceships as lead character. Consequently, it's not surprising that the description of Gareth Powell's Embers of War caused me to walk happily out of the bookstore.

Book Review: Terminal Alliance

Since I worked on a humorous book of my own last year, I've been actively seeking out humorous science fiction and fantasy. So when I stumbled upon Jim C. Hines' Terminal Alliance (book one of the Janitors of the Apocalpyse series, in case you were wondering), I couldn't resist the description.

Book Review: Provenence

This one kinda snuck up on me, seeing how I only recently finished the Imperial Radch series. I was able to go almost directly into Provenance, which is set in the same universe although not in the Radch itself. It's a very different animal, but it still bears Leckie's indelible stamp.

Book Review: Dark Run

When you find yourself consistently picking up the same book every time you browse the shelves at your bookstore, eventually you buy it. This is the rule of the universe that I've just made up, and also why I ended up purchasing Dark Run, a fun space opera romp.