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Book Review: It Devours!

If you enjoy strange stories and stories with a bizarre, sometimes absurdist sense of humor, you'd better be listening to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast. And if podcasts aren't your thing, then you had better be reading the books.

Book Review: Words of Radiance

I've been putting Words of Radiance off because I wanted to get closer to the release of Oathbringer, the third Stormlight Archive book which released in November. Also it's huge and rather intimidating. But I finally read it in October and discovered that I enjoyed it much more than The Way of Kings.

Book Review: Provenence

This one kinda snuck up on me, seeing how I only recently finished the Imperial Radch series. I was able to go almost directly into Provenance, which is set in the same universe although not in the Radch itself. It's a very different animal, but it still bears Leckie's indelible stamp.

Book Review: Dark Run

When you find yourself consistently picking up the same book every time you browse the shelves at your bookstore, eventually you buy it. This is the rule of the universe that I've just made up, and also why I ended up purchasing Dark Run, a fun space opera romp.

Book Review: Godsgrave

Fun story: in a roundabout way, I managed to acquire a copy of Godsgrave before its release. A friend from college also reviews books (though in a more official capacity for an actual publication), and she received a review copy in the mail. She decided to give this away to any of her friends who wanted it. Flash forward a week, and a lovely signed edition of Godsgrave showed up in my mail. 

Book Review: The Stone Sky

I missed posting a review last week because I knew I wanted to review The Stone Sky next. But I've been struggling to find the right words to express how I feel about this book. What follows will inevitably be inadequate, but I'm going to try. I think this book should be taught in schools across America.

Book Review: Winter Tide

I'm a big fan of the Lovecraftian mythos; I enjoy the overarching theme of outsiders and ethereal beings and creeping horrors that would consume our planet. But Lovecraft's work is loaded with racism and sexism, so reading his stories can be a revolting experience at times. Enter Winter Tide, a lovely take on the Lovecraftian mythos from the point of view of the "monsters" which tackles that racism and sexism head-on.

Book Review: The Management Style of the Supreme Beings

I last read Tom Holt several years ago, when a few of his novels were published in omnibuses. I enjoyed them, but they didn't strike me as anything exceptional, so he fell off my radar. But when I saw The Management Style of the Supreme Beings in the store and found myself laughing at its ridiculously on-point cover (even before I read the blurb), I knew I had to read it.

Book Review: All the Birds in the Sky

Normally I wouldn't pick up a book like All the Birds in the Sky. Witches aren't normally my cup of tea, nor are contemporary fantasies. But I was hell-bent on reading all the Hugo Award nominees this year (AND this book won the Nebula and Locus awards already), so I rolled the dice and bought it.